Fine Eye Productions

300 Second CV

Here is my latest Video Journalism CV.

CV Video Journalism from John Doggett-Williams on Vimeo.


Deconstructing John Kelly was shown nationally several times on ABC TV (Australia). The program was the second part of a biography following the career of painter/sculptor, John Kelly. Filmed over a seven year period, we follow Kelly through several countries and phases of his complex psyche and career. The final destination is a new body of work – his kangaroo series.

Deconstructing John Kelly – A Documentary from John Doggett-Williams on Vimeo.

Corporate Product Manual

This is an excerpt from a complex product manual DVD Fine Eye Productions produced. It’s a good example of how video can supplement the traditional printed manual. In collaboration with the resident experts, John Dogged-Williams wrote, produced and directed this video.

Product Manual DVD from John Doggett-Williams on Vimeo.