Fine Eye Productions

Fine Eye: The Video Wall

We’ve updated the old photo booth idea – you know, the one’s you see in shopping malls and train stations and morphed it into a 21st Century video lounge, suitable for corporate events and sophisticated functions. Click on the image below to see our two minute video demo hosted by Tracy Bartram.


click the image to see our promo video



City of Melbourne – Biotech

This was an amazing video to make. A profile of Melbourne’s high quality biotech industry. It includes interviews with Professors; Peter Doherty (Nobel Prize Winner); Sir Gustave Nossel, Alan Trounson and others.

City of Melbourne Biotechnology from John Doggett-Williams on Vimeo.

City of Melbourne – Games

Part of the series of features for the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Government outlining why Melbourne is one of the great creative cities in the world of computer games.

City of Melbourne Games Development from John Doggett-Williams on Vimeo.