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Showreel: More Cannes

Another compile of my red carpet experiences in Cannes. This reel is mainly from the top of the runway, a great place to have been. Thanks to all the guys in the Cannes Press office who were such a great help during the iconic event.

SHOWREEL COMPILE CANNES Red Carpet Long from John Doggett-Williams on Vimeo.

Showreel: Cannes red carpet

The Cannes film festival is an amazing event to cover. It became a memorable personal experience when I found myself looking¬†through a¬†viewfinder overlooking the red carpet on Palm D’Or evening.

SHOWREEL COMPILE Cannes Red Carpet Close from John Doggett-Williams on Vimeo.

Showreel: Dharamsala

A brief compile of some of the action at the opening of the Gyuto Ramoche Monastery in Dharamsala, Northern India. A gathering of several thousand Tibetan monks.

Showreel Compile: Dharamsala Monastery opening from John Doggett-Williams on Vimeo.