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Documentary television is a genre of television programming that broadcasts documentaries. Documentary television series, a television series which is made specifically for a documentary.

Pure Sound

Toni Collette with Director John Doggett-WilliamsEmmy Award winning actress Toni Collette with Director John Doggett-Williams after completing the narration for Fine Eye’s lastest documentary ‘Pure Sound – The Gyuto Monks of Tibet’.

The program is a unique behind the scenes journey into the esoteric world of  the Gyuto Tantric University. Tibetans believe the Gyuto are,”the masters of the King of Death”.

Doggett-Williams and crew stayed at the monks Northern Indian monastery in Dharamsala where he interviewed several elder monks. All told their stories for the first time.

Here are three short excerpts from our program:

Pure Sound – Gyuto Monks of Tibet/Child monks

Pure Sound – Gyuto Monks of Tibet/Sound

Pure Sound – Gyuto Monks of Tibet/Opening titles